Someone said to me once: “There are amazingly wonderful people in all walks of life; some familiar to us and others not. Stretch yourself and really get to know people. People are in many ways one of our greatest treasures.” and I really understood its meaning when i first met Neha.

I was first introduced to her through a common friend to help my 4 years old son Jeet, who has Spastic Diplegia, a condition in which the muscles of legs don’t develops at normal speed causing inability to walk.

I can not thank Neha enough for her regular ‘psychic surgery’ sessions, now there is a significant improvement in Jeet’s movability and activities. I became a fan and I will surely be in touch for many more things i wish to sort in my and my family member’s life.

Thank you so much again for being an angel for my son Jeet.



It is always said that ‘when all the doors are closed and there seems no way, then God sends someone to hold your hand and guide you through the right path’; Neha Kamboj has been that person in my life.

We have been friends for so many years and I have always seen her helping others and holding their hand in the problems through her angel healing and positive counseling sessions.

She is my soul sister and her guidance through angels regarding any of my problems have always helped me in my bad times. I recently had a tough time in my personal life and how magically she helped me through her angels guidance step by step, the most impossible thing became possible with the help of angels.

The best part is that Neha being the purest soul, I have ever known, does everything with pure intention. May Neha keep touching the lives always with her immense love and unconditional care



For me a psychic or a extra scientific healer needs to be a good person first and then a good practioner of her skills, neha is one of the purest souls I know, full of love and the almighty’s light, neha fits the bill perfectly. if anyone can take the help of the divine to improve lives, she can.

I have used her intervention several times to help my child during his sick phases, every time her angels healing and prayers, even in a remote setting , have worked. I have seen her powers, her sincere prayers bear fruit. I have been her friend and sister for long, even before she took up healing as her life’s work, she was helping people in several different ways.

I know what she offers and what she is capable of, I will always look upon her as a resource for reaching out to higher powers. I believe in Neha, and wish her all the best in this path that she has chosen for herself. may God’s choicest blessings always be showered upon her and may she improve all the lives she touches.