Watermelon Tourmoline


Watermelon Tourmoline

3 cm x 3.5 cm aprox


This is one of the most beautiful crystal from tourmaline family. Watermelon tourmaline get its name due to its similarity to the inner texture of a watermelon. This is one of the most vibrant multi-color variant and is quite rare to be sourced. Watermelon tourmaline besides being an eye candy is excellent to work on issues which blocks your happiness, inclusive of situations and emotions. It brings a subtle sense of joy and acceptance and is amazingly cool to connect with.
Working with watermelon tourmaline helps you to be completely at ease with yourself and unshakable in adverse situations. It brings childlike enthusiasm and playfulness in being and surely is a crystal of Joy and peace.



  • Helps In Regeneration Of Nerves
  • Especially In Paralysis And Treats Stress

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