Tree Agate Mala


1,999.00 1,699.00

Helps in deepening meditation, attract abundance and connect with nature


Tree Agate crystal is associated with abundance and good luck.

Ideal crystal to be used as a protective talisman to protect you from energy vampires trying to create blockages in your progress

Perfect stone for who lack in green thumb, use it for planting more trees, nurturing your current garden or
progress in your business of plantation and farming

Slow down for a few minutes and ask the stone to help you clear blockages within your body’s energy field and take you down a river of tranquility and abundance.

For garden lovers, keep a Tree Agate crystal stone in the soil of healthy plants and double down on its powers of growth and renewal.

Can use it to strengthen your meditations, on a forest walk and nature trail. This will help you cut down arrogance and feel more gratitude towards life

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