12mm bead bracelet


Serpentine is amazing to connect to as it enhances the entire energy flow in body and helps one to get rid of everything non desirable, be it thoughts or emotions.
This is also a abundance crystal and helps in boosting self belief to create the positivity. It helps in releasing emotional blockages and is effective for dealing with depression and stress. This has been used by many occult practices to remove toxins from body thus considering it to be effective for healing snake bite or scorpion bites.

The intense vibrations are stimulating and practically could be felt throughout the being. It brings the strong desire to evolve and grow in life. Promotes compassion and self love with a strong feeling to take care of oneself. Accumulated emotions often are baggage which over a period of time reflect on physical level. Working with serpentine helps to identify and let go of these unwanted emotions and blockages, thus also resulting in effect being felt on physical level. Its this property which makes it effective for certain weight related issues as well.

Connecting with serpentine is quite easy and hence feel free and affirm to connect with it. Let the vibes work through you and guide you to be what you truly want to be.

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