Rose Quartz Pyramid


600.00 450.00

Rose Quartz

2 inch


Rose quartz is considered to be resonating with heart chakra and helps to enhance the soothing energies of love thereby resolving pain issues owing to relationships. The gentle vibrations of this crystal makes you more open and transparent in your dealing with others and promotes compassion and empathy at the deepest level. One peculiar trait of this crystal is that it keeps you connected to everything that is important in your life.

Working with rose quartz is not only effective when dealing with relationship issues, but is also effective when one seeks to connect to universe for guidance and abundance. As it opens your heart chakra, it enables you to see the difference between you and your falsified ego self thereby making you accept all that you have been given in this life with unconditional acceptance and gratitude.

This is a loving gentle being and connecting with this crystal is quite easy. All you need to do is to open up and accept it in your life unconditionally. You will be amazed to see the changes it brings in your being.


  • strenghtens the physical heart and release imurity from blood.
  • Increase fertility
  • hrlps in kidney
  • lung problems

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