Massage Rollers


1,600.00 1,199.00

Per piece


Crystals have subtle vibration which is soothing and relaxing. Rolling the crystals on the specific area with the intention can help

Amethyst – very effective for deep relaxation, headaches and alleviating stress and anxiety. Roll it on your head, temples or effected areas to see the desired result

Rose quartz – helpful in healing heart, balance relationships, brightening skin and releasing traumas. Use it. Roll it on your heart area, throat and neck. Roll it on your face in upword motion for better skin, healing pigment and rashes.

Green Aventurine – effective in breathing issues and chest congestion. Roll it on your upper arms, thyms and chest area

Clear Quartz – Being a master healer crystal, it can help in removing blockage and cleanse any part of body and proving healing in the affected area.

Tiger eye – simulator of energy and brings balance in the entire energy channelization hence using Tiger eye Roller on left and right hand and at the sole of feet would be helpful.

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