Crystal Starter Kit


set of 9 stones


When you first start working with crystals you would not have any idea which crystal to use, its healing properties and features. This crystal starter kit can help you kick start you’re your crystal journey. It also helps in exploring which crystal works best with you, which one attracts you more and their vibration level with yours.

Carnelian – For enhancing creativity and confidence

Rose Quartz – Helps in attracting new love and heals relationships

Amethyst – Very calming crystal. Reduces stress and anxiety. Helps in meditation and spiritual growth

Clear Quartz – High vibration to uplift joy and happiness, focus, programming and healing

Black Tourmaline – Blocks negative energy to enter your space and aura

Green Aventurine – For attracting money, abundance and new opportunity

Lapiz Lazuli – For better communication and self expression

Tiger Eye – builds confidence and gives protection

Hematite – For strong grounding

Black Rutilited Quartz – For peace and self improvement


  • Every Crystal has healing abilities.

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