Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz

Set Of Three


This is purely a magnifier crystal and hence metaphysically it helps in exponentially magnify the intent which is placed. It is due to this property that it is also considered to be a master crystal. As this is abundant and found almost everywhere on planet hence there are numerous variants of this crystals available and have many names.

As it is a magnifier crystal efficacy of programming is quite important when working with this crystal. It can magnify any intent as thus not associated with any specific chakra or element.


1) Quite hard formation this can be cleansed any way you want to cleanse it, including salt
2) Take a piece of clear quartz and hold it in your right hand. Bring your focus on the crystal and center yourself at your entire spine.
3) Start with placing intent in it to cleanse your blockages if any and let the vibrations.
4) Once done, pick up one objective that you earnestly need to be accomplished.
5) Place that intent in clear quartz by bringing it in front of your heart
6) Define a timeline for the objective and carry this Crystal with yourself.



  • Quartz Is a Master Healer And Can Be Used For Any Condtion
  • Stimulates Immune System
  • Helps In Soothing Burns
  • Harmonizes All Chakra And Brings Balance