Bracelet for Money & Wealth


650.00 550.00

Money and Wealth Bracelet

Combination of Tiger eye, amber, pyrite and green aventurine


When you want to remove the money blocks and manifest financial security in your life. These crystals can help you on every step. Wear it or carry it along

Amber – The crystal of manifestation and passion to move forward. It brings new opportunities to make more money and helps in balancing the spending too.

Tiger Eye – Remove all the money blocks in your energy field and it also protects your from envy and jealous energy. Gives you courage to move forward on your plans.

Green Aventurine – It’s a lucky stone. It will bring you luck in any business meeting or job interview. It helps in balancing mind body and spirit, harmonizing every part of your life.

Pyrite – Known as “fools god”, helps in creating wealth


  • Every Crystal has healing abilities.