Black Obsidian Pyramid


750.00 650.00


A pure volcanic rock, Black Obsidian is a good crystal for protection and grounding. It is a wonderful cleanser of emotional traumas triggering from past. It helps in bringing peaceful sleep and helps in healing sleeping disorders. As a protection crystal, this creates one of the most strong auric protection from psychic attacks and negative energies. Some consider the vibration of obsidian strong enough to bring about the desired change in life to set on a new pattern.

The energy is quite strong and intense and stimulates the entire energy system. Most of the people tend to fall for Black tourmaline as a protection and grounding crystal, however, any given day, Black obsidian is far more strong and effective than Black tourmaline especially if we are talking about psychic attacks and negativity.

It is an effective grounding crystal and helps to channel the nurturing energies of earth in your being. This channelization has many unsaid psychological effects and one can feel the changes over a period of time. Besides it also carries the energy to imbibe a deep sense of belongingness and unbiased compassion towards everyone.

There is no defined method to connect with this crystal, hence one can feel free to connect with it through whichever modality one may deem fit. Just be free, relax and affirm to connect and it will guide you to wherever you need to reach

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