Beads Bracelet


A stone of truth, it helps to open one’s communication channels and thus making one to express the thoughts in sync with the heart. It enhances consciousness and ability to overcome fear and anxiety and develops compassion and harmony. It is a wonderful crystal to bring peace and understanding between relationships. This crystal also help in enhancing psychic abilities and to connect to higher self or Angelic Realms

This is quite a delicate being and should be handled carefully. The natural texture is light blue and occasionally white patches. Not an easy crystal to source or get even in raw form and hence it comes with a price tag, not so costly still above the generic crystal segment. As the name suggests it is amazing to be used as a tool to connect with Angelic realms and to seek guidance from them. Even those who are unfamiliar with Angels or Angel based practices can use this as a medium to channel energies and guidance from Angels. One word or caution is that one should be very clear as to which angel one wish to connect to and preferably the objective should be to connect with guardian Angels only.


1) Cleansing with water is sufficient for this crystal.
2) Hold your bracelet in your hand, any hand would do and affirm to connect with its energy
3) Let the vibrations move from heart to third eye and then to crown.
4) Place intent to seek answer to specific question and ask your guardian angel to guide you.
5) Depending on your senses, you may get vision or may hear something guiding you to the answer


  • It Resonates With Throat
  • Alleviating Inflammation And Ta lancing The Thyroid
  • Repairs Tissue And Blood Vessels
  • Weight Control