Abundance & Prosperity

Prosperity and abundance is everyone’s birthright. However, most of us block the inflow of our own well being by negative thinking. Unknowingly, at some level of consciousness, we begin to either hate or fear money and prosperity. This workshop is about awakening your Prosperity consciousness. We start with finding the root cause of not being able to attract abundance in our life. Then we move to cleansing them and then to awakening it. There are a lot of exercises, meditations and rituals done during these two days of workshop. The objective is to make people understand why they are not living the life they desire. Most important thing is that it’s not only about money but another aspect of your life as well like health, relationships and harmony.

We can never create abundance and prosperity by constantly focusing on negative thoughts. How do we focus on negative thoughts, just by talking and thinking negative? Unknowingly, we do create our own negative future. Dwelling on lack will create more lack. So as a first step you must use positive affirmations all the time. “I am prosperous” or “I have lots and lots of money“ or “ I am Healthy”. Paying a words of gratitude for everything and saying thank you in advance for your positive future will bring abundance to your life.

We usually use these negative affirmation and attitude, which in a way guarantees that abundance is kept away, “I don’t earn much” or “I don’t have money” or “I have a bad love life”. The universe responds to what you believe in and continuously thinking of, so always be very caution of your thoughts and affirmations.

In this workshop we will guide you on how to use affirmations for your benefit. I guarantee you, your way thinking about abundance and prosperity will change after this workshop. We use introduce the use of crystals and their use to draw money in your life. There is a series of rituals we introduce to attract more money and financial benefits. Meditations are very powerful to attract anything you want, peace, harmony, union with divine or prosperity. We teach few unique meditations to invoke the power within you to attract abundance and prosperity.

“Universe is always supplying me with more than what I need. I am thankful”